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What hours are you available for contact?

We are available Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 10 pm, and are unavailable on Sundays.

Why do you offer free thank you gifts?

We offer free thank you gifts with your purchase of our digital photos, as a show of gratitude for your support of our dedication to the arts.

What can I do with my downloaded photos?

We encourage you to share these photos with your friends and family, print them out, frame them, post them on a community board – whatever strikes your fancy. Please try and tell others about our service and give credit to the photographers when possible.

Coming soon, we will be offering professional quality prints and more!

Can I receive a free gift if I’m under age 21?

Absolutely, positively not. If you’d like to purchase a photo download without a free gift, please contact us.

Is the free thank you gift guaranteed with my file?

No. You are purchasing a high quality photograph file download. The price for each file size of that file is completely independent of any free gift you may receive. Pricing of these files varies depending on pixel quality, format size, and other factors.

Where are free gifts available?

Free thank you gifts are only available within the legal boundaries of Washington, DC

Why are some file size prices different?

Prices for file sizes may differ for a variety of reasons. Generally, no two photo download files are exactly alike in artistic value, size, and quality.

What size free gift will I receive?

While free thank you gifts are not guaranteed with your order, typically you will receive the following gift sizes with the file size you purchase.

Free Gift Type Extra Small File Size Small File Size Medium File Size Large File Size
Flower 1/8 oz 1/4 oz 1/2 oz 1 oz
Edible (100 mg each) 1 pack 6 Pack 10 Pack
Dulce de Leche 1 Pack (150 mg)
Wax/Concentrate 1 gram 3 grams

Will I always get the exact free gift I request?

Each associate has a limited inventory. If your selected flower flavor is no longer available, it will be substituted with the closest lineage strain available.